Search Engine Registration

Search Engine Registration

before you register in the search engines...

We go through your HTML pages and "optimize" what will get you indexed properly in the Search Engines. We adjust the components that the Search Engines are looking for such as keyword density, links, frequency and proximity in the body text. Words in and around links, body text content, headlines, page titles and much more. Your pages should be "optimized" for consumers. When consumers find what they want they are not tempted to leave for other things. Instead, the site is more "sticky" - our strategic optimization solution boost the site's viewing time and generate increased levels of Web traffic, targeted advertising revenue, and e-commerce dollars.

"I just did a search on Google on Colorado Whitewater Rafting and we came up number one. You have done a great job getting my site ranked higher in the search engines. Thank you for all your work!"
Jim - Four Corners Rafting


Random search is the most popular method used by people searching for information on the Internet. According to the latest data at Forrester Research Inc., "as many as 85 percent of consumers begin their Web sessions at a search engine. 95% of all searches are done on Google, MSN, Yahoo and to a lesser degree AOL." The Web is growing at a phenomenal rate - in terms of the number of users, the level of e-commerce, and especially the volume of information and Web pages. However, as the Web continues to scale, navigating through the Web's vast collection of information becomes more challenging. Current search engines face an impossible task - spider the entire World Wide Web and search it well. Search Engines are consolidating, to do this they are partnering in new ways to compete and stay alive. New Search Engine technology is improving your results, combating spam and taking your money........

You don't need me to submit your site to the search engines. Use pay inclusion for the fastest results! You'll get your site in the indices much faster, and the benefits are great. You don't have to submit every single page through pay inclusion -- just the most important pages of your site. Then, you never have to submit those pages again, as long as you continue using pay inclusion. Once you begin a link building campaign, your site will be picked up by the other spiders for the engines and indexed that way as well as through links pointing to your site. I let Google find my pages itself through links.

We can do free search engine indexing for companies and also offer targeted linking and directory submissions. These services will provide you with confidence you are doing what is necessary to index your web site in the major search engines. We will manually submit your site to 20 search engines that have the highest searches.

Our technicians keep up with the latest information and changes and apply these changes in order to optimize the search criteria for the placement of your web site in the most popular search engines. Manual submissions generate better placement for your site. Manual submissions are better than automated services or software.

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Search Engine Optimization >>>

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